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How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Toyota Tacoma

How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma underwent a major redesign in 2005, becoming larger and more powerful. Its maintenance needs and recommended fluids are similar to those of other Toyota trucks and SUVs. These steps apply specifically to model years 2005 and after, but may be used as a general reference for previous model years of the Toyota Tacoma.



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      Mix Toyota Super Long Life coolant or a similar high quality ethylene glycol base, silicate free, amine free, nitrite free and borate free coolant with long-life hybrid organic acid technology to an equal part clean distilled or demineralized water. Make sure to maintain proper levels of this coolant mixture in your Toyota Tacoma.

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      Fill your power steering fluid reservoir as necessary with DEXRON II or III automatic transmission fluid.

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      Refill your brake fluid reservoir as necessary with SAE J1703 or FMVSS No 116 DOT 3 brake fluid. The same fluid can go into your hydraulic clutch.

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      Change your engine oil regularly, using Toyota Genuine Motor Oil or an equivalent. Toyota recommends SAE 5W30 viscosity, but 10W30 is an acceptable temporary substitute.

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      Use API GL-4 or GL-5 gear oil of SAE 75W90 viscosity in your manual transmission. The same oil can be used in your transfer case and in the front differential. SAE 80W90 or single grade SAE 80W or SAE 90 are recommended for the rear differential. If you have a limited slip differential, you need Hypoid gear oil for limited slip differentials, API GL-5. Without a limited slip differential you should use Hypoid gear oil API GL-5.

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      Use Toyota Genuine ATF WS in your five speed automatic transmission and Toyota Genuine ATF Type T-IV in your four speed automatic transmission.

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