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How to Identify Toyota Body Parts

How to Identify Toyota Body Parts

Just like other merchandise, Toyota parts can be counterfeited by manufacturers that have not been officially approved to build Toyota parts. These parts do not live up to Toyota's rigorous testing and are unsuitable for your Toyota. These parts will also void your warranty if it currently has one. There are some key ways to determine whether you have authentic Toyota body parts. In about an hour, you will know if your Toyota part is genuine or counterfeit.

Moderately Easy


  • 1

    Look at the receipt or remember where you bought your Toyota parts. If you bought them from the official Toyota parts website or from an official Toyota dealer, then they are genuine.

  • 2

    Look at the package in which your part came. Toyota's logo will be on the package of a genuine part. The package will also be professionally designed; the part will not come in a plastic bag with no names or information on it.

  • 3

    Find a product number. All Toyota parts have a part number. Call the Toyota parts manufacturer at 1-800-581-3033 or send an e-mail to its website under the "Contact Us" page on the website

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