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How to Transfer a Toyota Certified Vehicle Warranty

How to Transfer a Toyota Certified Vehicle Warranty

When you purchase a used vehicle, you may still be covered under the original warranty. Check with the original owner to see what type of warranty they have, and if the Toyota is still covered, you'll be able to transfer the warranty coverage to yourself. This means that any manufacturer defects that appear while you're covered will be taken care of by Toyota, rather than you having to pay out of pocket. An additional state fee may apply, depending on where you live.



    • 1

      Download the Toyota Transfer Form, located in the resource section of Toyota's website.

    • 2

      Fill out both sections of the form, starting with the "Previous Owner" section and moving to the "New Owner" section. Both the previous owner and the new owner must sign the transfer form for it to be valid.

    • 3

      Get the vehicle history report, including all servicing reports from the previous owner. If they haven't kept up with their servicing, the warranty may be invalid.

    • 4

      Get a roadworthy inspection report done on the Toyota. You will need this report in order to transfer the warranty.

    • 5

      Send a $60 transfer fee along with the inspection report, completed transfer form, vehicle service history and proof of sale to:

      Toyota Extra Care Administrator

      Locked Bag 980

      Milsons Point NSW 1565

      The warranty will be transferred 24 hours after payment is processed.

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