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How to Tow a 2007 Toyota Tacoma

How to Tow a 2007 Toyota Tacoma

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Towing a Tacoma requires the right tools and a secure connection.

The 2007 Toyota Tacoma is a compact or mid-size pickup truck with a solid build and off-road abilities, according to Edmunds.com, and towing it, providing you have the right tools and take safety precautions, is not a difficult task. The truck has a weight of 5,000 pounds, a curb weight of 3,380 pounds and a maximum payload of 1,620 pounds, according to Motor Trend, so you will have to take these numbers into account when you select a suitable towing vehicle.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Towing vehicle
  • Dolly or tow rope or chain
  • Strap
  • Towing mirrors
  • Extra lights
  • Sign
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      Select a vehicle that has enough power to tow a Tacoma. Finding the towing capacity of your car is easy if you can locate the VIN plate, which is under the hood, as explained by the British Department of Transport.

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      Remove as much cargo as possible from the Tacoma or ensure the load you wish to carry is evenly distributed. When towing, it's best to reduce the weight of the vehicle to be towed to minimize fuel consumption and to establish good safety practices.

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      Override the parking lock on the transmission; this enables you to put the vehicle into neutral during towing.

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      Load the truck onto a drive-wheel dolly so that the vehicle follows you in a straight line, which is safe and effective. Secure the connections carefully by following the specific manufacturer's instructions. If you prefer not to use a dolly or do not have one, you can fasten a tow chain from the hitch at the back of the towing vehicle to the Tacoma, ensuring that you double-loop it for extra strength and security.

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      Secure the steering wheel with a strap or similarly-positioned clamp rather than rely on the ignition lock. This is a safe and efficient towing procedure as there is less of a chance that the truck will begin turning excessively as you try to move it.

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      Install towing mirrors on the tow vehicle at the front. They are usually designed to stick out farther than your existing external mirrors to give you greater visibility, clearance and scope for maneuvering. Add a sign to indicate the vehicle is being towed.

    • 7

      Test that all your lights work before you begin the tow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Towing is dangerous if basic safety standards are ignored. It is illegal to tow on some roads, so check the restrictions carefully before you travel.

  • When towing in the dark, make sure that the vehicles are illuminated. Other motorists may not be able to see the full setup and could crash into the back of the rear vehicle.

  • Take extra care when negotiating bends. Towed vehicles have been known to detach from the front vehicle and roll over in the road.

  • Do not allow anyone to travel in the Tacoma while it is being towed.

  • Do not travel more than 45 miles per hour. At higher speeds, resonance can become a serious problem.

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