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How to Locate a Beeper in a Toyota Matrix

How to Locate a Beeper in a Toyota Matrix

How to Locate a Beeper in a Toyota Matrixthumbnail
Losing your pager could cause you to miss important notifications.

Although beepers, also known as pagers, are not as common as they used to be, they are still used by a number of people, including doctors and other professionals, who are on call. A lost beeper can be disastrous, particularly if someone needs to get in touch with you. If you suspect your beeper is lost in your Toyota Matrix, there are a number of places inside the vehicle you may want to look for it.

Moderately Easy


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      Open the driver side door on your Toyota Matrix. Scoot the seat back. Reach your hand underneath the front of the seat, and feel around for the beeper. Look underneath the seat, if possible. Shine your flashlight to see if the beeper fell underneath the seat. Move to the passenger side seat, and do the same.

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      Check your glove box and center console. It is possible you placed the beeper in either location and forgot. Look in the map pockets on either interior door panel. The beeper may be located in either of these storage consoles.

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      Look in the rear passenger area. If the beeper fell out of your pocket, it may have moved to the rear floor.

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      Open the Matrix rear hatch, and look for the beeper. It is possible you set the beeper down in the cargo area, while you were removing an item from the vehicle.

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      Ask someone to call the beeper. Sit inside your Matrix, and listen for it to beep or vibrate. If no one can help you call the beeper, use the free service, "Where's My Cell Phone," to call the beeper for you.

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